Friday, July 29, 2011

I hate people.

I. Just. Hate. People.

Maybe I don't. Maybe I just hate the people I seem to be surrounded by in this ridiculous neighborhood. I swear, it's just one thing after another in suburbia - the gossip, the bratty kids struggling to carry around their massive sense of entitlement, the fake smiles and waves, the fake nails and tans and tits and hair - it's all just getting on my last fucking nerve.

It's like people reach upper middle class, and they don't have any more struggles - not any real ones, anyway - so they have to invent things to be unhappy about. Any perceived slight against them is blown to ridiculous proportions. They talk endless shit about all their fake friends in the neighborhood - rest assured, as soon as you hug goodbye and leave the bunco party, those bitches are tearing you APART.

I'm learning that this is all a game you have to play - you smile and wave, you catch up in the aisle at the supermarket, and then you anonymously report one another to the HOA for leaving scooters on the side of the house or having too many weeds. You gossip to one another about things that are none of your business, under the guise of "keeping her in prayer." It's all just a massive, never-ending game, and I FUCKING HATE IT.

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  1. I try very hard to stay as far away from our HOA as possible, lol...for all the reasons you listed!

    Hang in there!