Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gettin' Ready!

As I prepare my post-holidays shopping list, I'm sooooo excited to stop eating total fucking crap and start eating clean and healthy again. I'm seriously thinking about starting Weight Watchers again, although it'll have to be my own version of WW for two important reasons. Reason #1: I am broke as a joke, and can't even begin to afford the seventeen or whatever it is bucks a month to use the tools on their site. Besides, I have heard excellent things about LoseIt, My Fitness Pal, and SparkPeople. I'll just play around with the free shit.

Oh, and Reason #2, the IMPORTANT reason: Weight Watchers sucks now! I had SUCH good luck when it was plain ol' Weight Watchers with Flex Points and it was easy to figure out the points for any food item. When they changed things up a little over a year ago, making fruit free, and upping the points for everything else, I just could not get my head around it. I didn't have very good luck at all and I ended up just canceling my account after a couple of months. At first, I thought it was just ME, but damned near everyone I've talked to tells me a similar story. I'm sure lots and lots of folks are having amazing luck (I've seen the Jennifer Hudson commercials, thank you, especially the latest one where she's singing a duet with her former, fat self) but it just wasn't for me, sorry.

Whatever I end up choosing, I'm going to make sure I eat a lot of real, actual food. I've thought things over and I've decided that I'd rather have just a couple of BITES of something and enjoy it, rather than dive into a meal that tastes like ass. (Those horrific "green enchiladas" made with salsa verde and fat free cheese come to mind. ::shudder::) So, yeah. I can get behind eating ONE SLICE of actual bacon every now and then, if it means I never have to eat turkey bacon again. Go to hell, turkey bacon. Nobody likes you! www.nataliedee.com

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